Mar 31, 2009


Lets keep the bunny theme going shall we....

My friend Chris took this picture of me about a year ago and I checked out his site the other day to find some awesome new work. See for yourself:

Mar 27, 2009

Mar 26, 2009


Kap Bambino SXSW 2009
Tisha Myles


Here is an artist rendering of my trip to Austin by Morgan Van Holt just in case you were wondering how it went.

Mar 13, 2009


Paper Dollface

Mar 10, 2009


I need to sleep more and stop thinking about dogs.

Mar 8, 2009


Today I set up a paypal account so I can sell my stupid dog shirts online. I created the account mostly for people from other cities who want to buy one so the price is $16 to cover any sort of shipping fees. If you live in Toronto though you're best off tracking me down and getting one from me in person because it'll be a few bucks cheaper. So if you must pay online do it here:

An addition please send me an email ( to let me know who you are and what address I can send your shirt(s) to.

Mar 1, 2009


This is just me getting a little indulgent with photoshop.
My photo
for more info on how to purchase artwork email cheers, tisha