Aug 21, 2009


My niece and I painted this. Check out my foot tan.

Aug 18, 2009


I painted a mural for my friends who have let me stay with them while I am in Tucson. it's ab0ut 7 feet tall and ten feet wide. The space I painted it in is really narrow so I could only get shots of it on an angle. I am gonna miss those guys.

Aug 14, 2009


Age Progression

Aren age 9

Aren age 19

Aug 10, 2009


AA meeting
(American Apparel that is)


My sister had surgery a few days ago which means I'm on a lot of baby duty. I've learned that a distracted baby is a happy baby and that a sleeping baby is my favorite baby. While the dark princess was having a nap I decided to do a quick age progression of my other niece Kyra who just turned 11 last week. If she starts looking like this in 5-10 years I'll know I am good at this.

Kyra now:
Kyra 17?
I am going to work on one of her at age 30 next.

Aug 8, 2009


I am the registered owner of the entire adobe suite but until this week I've only used photoshop. So in an attempt to be enlightened I thought I'd crack my bat at making an animation on flash. I barely knew what I was doing and couldn't figure out if I could put music to it at all in flash but like the mother of a retarded baby I'm still somewhat proud of it.

zipper trouble from Tisha Myles on Vimeo.

It's of my friend Natasha and I whom I share a blog with.

This is her blog:

This is ours:

Aug 6, 2009


My sister and I were looking threw some family photos yesturday for the site
and I discovered that I was a hipster way before it was even cool.
bike, bowl cut, floral shirt, big glasses and keds all check.
no wonder people beat me up.
My photo
for more info on how to purchase artwork email cheers, tisha