Nov 30, 2009



What do you do with you Sunday night?
recite gothic poetry of course:

Nov 28, 2009


Where is Uncle Salenger episode #2:

Where is Uncle Salenger? episode 2 from Tisha Myles on Vimeo.

Try to figure out where he is.

Nov 27, 2009


Where's Waldo has an uncle named Salenger.
Do you know where he is?

This is the first episode of a segment my friend Andrew and I are including in our upcoming video zine. Each episode will challenge you to try to figure out where Salenger is.

Where is Uncle Salenger? from Tisha Myles on Vimeo.



Nov 26, 2009


Winning Streak

November has been a month of ridiculous prizes. Eariler on this month I participated in the Royal Winter Fair's butter sculpting competition along with a few other folks from my school and OCAD. The theme for the sculptures was horse appreciation and youth participation which is pretty ridulous so I sculpted two people in a horse costume on a tandem bike which was an idea my roommate Bryan came up with to do as a performance art piece. The process took about 8 hours of sculpting in a walk in fridge with hundreds of pounds of butter while people stared at you work. There were some seriously talented sculpters in that fridge with me so I was very surprised to get a phone call telling me I had won first prize! I was invited to accept my award at the beginning of a horse show at the Ricoh colliseum. This horse show was apparently a big deal because people were arriving via horse drawn carriage decked out in top hats and ball gowns. I had a good laugh about that since I had smelt my cloths to make sure they were clean before I put them on that day. The CEO of Gaylee awarded me a plaque and a cheque in the sands of the horse ring while all the big wig, show goers watched me on the big screen. Who would have thought butter sculpting was such of big deal? After that I thought I had my share of perculiar winnings for at least the rest of the year but apparently I wasn't threw. Tonight myself and a bunch of the cats from the Drake made our way to the Guverment to celebrate the completion of Movember which is a month long fundraser for prostate cancer research in which men get their friends to sponser them to grow a moustach. Many of the participants came down to Toronto for the celebration dressed as the personality their moustache evoked and women were encouraged to participate as well. I of course couldn't pass up the opprotunity to dress up as a dusty, literature professor with a neatly trimmed moustache, elbow patches and bits of toilet paper blotting the nicks on my chin. Apparently the costume was a hit and I was nominated for Miss Movember and won a bunch of prizes including a sweet shash. What a night!

So, since I am such a winning streak I think I should bet on some ponies or go to a casio. What do you think?

Nov 25, 2009


Second version.


I drew this picture for the brand spankin' new band of a friend I met in Austin. I am a big fan of his former band Dirty Stereo and have a good feeling Stegosaurus Flex is not going extinct any time soon.

Check em out:

I also highly recommend listening to Dirty Stereo:

Happy listening.

Nov 19, 2009


After a long day of school I took an early evening nap from which I woke up feeling like I could conquer the world. However, this regeneration of energy came around 1am; youtube prime time. I came accross this very informative, educational video on how to do make-up. I think ever girl could learn something from this video:

Just look at the results!


Nov 8, 2009


The future of past is NOW!

This will be the best joke band ever with the best joke band art.

Stay tuned.

Nov 3, 2009


Finished Mother Daughter commission.
What pretty ladies.

Nov 2, 2009


I love the things people leave for me on my door step. It's nice to know someone really loves and understands me out there and even nicer that they leave me gifts that automatically improve my life. So, to whoever left me this soccor ball,
Thank you.



I am very excited to report that a selection of my t-shirts are now available for sale at Repsycho art space and consignment shop located on the North East corner of College and Crawford above the Mr. Sub. If you have any creative genius you would like to share with the world Repsycho has the lowest consignment rates for artists in the city as well as an area for installations. If you do decide to stop in be sure to look out for the fellow depicted in my painting above, he is the owner and would love if you said hello!

My photo
for more info on how to purchase artwork email cheers, tisha